What are the top 5 benefits of SEO?

When I say that it’s the best practice, I mean it. It’s the best way to increase your search traffic while advertising your business.

Here are the best benefits of SEO. Let’s get into it!

1. SEO = Increased Rankings

Search engine optimization helps your site rank higher in search results. This is an obvious one but it’s the most important. Your site’s rankings, if you measure it, will correlate with the traffic that you get from search engines. Higher rankings, more traffic, and more conversions = greater revenue.

So it’s key to remember that SEO is not just about rankings or getting more traffic to your website. In the end, it’s about ROI. How much more actual profit can you create through SEO?

Every industry is going to be different, but from what we’ve seen, having top-ranking positions in Google can make or break a business.

2. SEO = Relationships

SEO is a way to build relationships. Your business will be more successful if you invest in creating a strong impact on your audience when they’ve come to your website. Offer your website visits and prospects a fluid website experience and great content that answers real questions they may have or that can direct them to the solutions they need.

The problem, the thing that most people talk about with SEO is not the impact on rankings, it’s the impact on sales. People forget to tell you that what matters is how you can nurture your existing relationships. SEO is a way to build relationships.

Businesses that focus only on getting new business are headed toward disaster. As long as you do good work, your most profitable prospects are those who have already done business with you. So remember to focus on how you can nurture your existing relationships.

This will help leverage your SEO strategies over the longterm.

3. SEO = Commitment

SEO is a commitment. To do SEO properly, you must have a product/service that people want. What are the benefits of your product and service? Make sure these are clearly communicated on your website.

Simplify your message and make it clear exactly what you offer. Put on some slick graphics and audio assets to create a genuinely helpful visitor experience.

In return, you’ll get legitimate, trustworthy traffic.

4. SEO = Visibility

SEO increases visibility in search. SEO will help you get more organic traffic to your website and can be a low-cost method that can generate leads for your business.

5. SEO = ROI

SEO has the highest ROI of any marketing or advertising avenue available to businesses today. Now, that number may be different for different industries and situations, however, for most local businesses good search engine rankings would have the biggest impact on their business than any other avenue.

The ROI you get from SEO can be remarkable.

You have to think of SEO more like real estate and less like TV commercials.

Think about the last TV commercial you saw. Do you remember it? Probably not. Now, think about where you were at the last TV commercial you saw.

The last TV commercial I saw was while I was watching something with my wife last night. I was relaxing and have no idea what the commercial was about. It didn’t matter either. I wasn’t going to call a business at 10 pm while I was relaxing.

Now, I want you to think about the last service or product that you needed to buy. What was it and where were you?

For me it was yesterday. My wife asked me to pick up some dinner. So I picked up my phone and I searched for sushi and I went to the sushi restaurant that is closest to my house.

The latter is how SEO works for your business. Instead of interrupting your prospects with ads that they are 97% not interested in, you’re positioning your business in a place that makes it easy for your prospects to find when they’re looking for what you’re offering.

So instead of trying to “convince” them to buy whatever your selling. You’re simply located in a place, like the sushi restaurant, that is close and now has become the most convenient choice.

All because your business was the first that they saw in Google when they were searching for your products and services.

Close It Out

So if you’re looking to transform your business. Then SEO is the way to go and hopefully a few of these tips will help you out along the way!